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Sierra Creative Interpreter (and sometimes SCript Interpreter) is a virtual machine for executing platform independent and object oriented code. It was developed by Sierra to run several of their game titles, e.g. Space Quest 3-6, Police Quest 2-3, Leisure Suit Larry 2-7, King's Quest 4-6, Quest for Glory 1-4, Hoyle's Book of Games 1-2, The Colenel's Bequest, Conquest of Camelot and Codename: Iceman. SCI replaced Sierra's earlier interpeter AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter), and was originally designed for 16 bit little-endian computers.

Was used in the first SCI games. Uses vector drawn EGA graphics, MIDI sound and typing interface
Uses digital sound effects, mouse support and new compression
Uses bitmapped VGA graphics, 100% point-and-click interface and new compression
Uses a 32 bit engine, supports higher resolutions than 320x200 and digitized speech.
Windows version of SCI32

Sensitive or Special Compartmented Information. A level of classified material whose nature reveals something about the intelligence source used to collect the information. For example:
Saddam Hussein has sausage and eggs delivered to his patio at 7:18 a.m.
This reveals that perhaps his maid is an agent
Saddam Hussein likes a dash of paprika mixed into his eggs
Now, his chef would be a suspect
Saddam Hussein never eats the ends of his sausage
A-ha! His busboy, or the guy who washes plates, are talking to the Americans!.
While what Saddam eats for breakfast isn't intrinsically important to national security, what the government actually knows is vital.

Generally, SCI is classified under codewords which each represent a different type of intelligence source (e.g., HUMINT, ELINT, SIGINT).

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