Si fueris Romae, Romano vivito more; si fueris alibi, vivito sicut ibi.

If you are at Rome, live in the Roman style; if you are elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere.

  • Chinese painter Chen Shu.
  • French mathematician Thomas Fantet de Lagny.
  • Italian musician and composer Alessandro Scarlatti.
  • French composer Pierre Dandrieu.
  • English naturalist Sir Hans Sloane.
  • English surgeon William Cowper.
  • Japanese Kabuki actor Ichikawa Danjuro I.
  • German chemist Georg Ernst Stahl, originator of the phlogiston theory.
  • Russian Count Gavril Ivanovich Golovkin, traveling companion and foreign minister to Peter the Great.
  • Sarah Jennings, future Duchess of Marlborough, whose political maneuverings in Queen Anne's court would lead to her husband's disgrace and Britain's withdrawal from The War of the Spanish Succession.
  • Georg Ludwig, future Elector of Hanover and king of Great Britain.

  • Died in 1660:

  • Spanish painter Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez.
  • French priest St. Vincent de Paul and his patron St. Louise de Marillac (founder of the Daughters of Charity).
  • English clergyman and mathematician William Oughtred.
  • Italian painter Francesco Albani.
  • French physicist and mathematician Jacques Alexandre Le Tenneur.
  • Dutch painter Judith Leyster.
  • Flemish mathematician Andrea Tacquet aka (Andreas Cellarius).
  • Dutch mathematician Frans van Schooten the Younger.
  • French dramatist and writer Paul Scarron.
  • English novelist Sir Thomas Urquhart.
  • Dutch mathematician Hendrik van Heuraet.
  • Dutch painter Govert Flynck.
  • Several Royalist exiles live just long enough to return home upon the Restoration of Charles II.
  • English political agitator Gerrard Winstanley, leader of "The Diggers".
  • Princess Mary of Orange, daughter of Charles I and mother of William of Orange.
  • Swedish king Charles X Gustavus.  His son Charles XI succeeds him.
  • Events of 1660:

    1659 - 1660 - 1661

    How They Were Made - 17th Century

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