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When there has been a Murder committed, an Apparition of the slain Party, accusing of any Man, altho' such Apparitions have oftner spoke true than false, is not enough to Convict the Man as guilty of that Murder; but yet it is a sufficient occasion for Magistrates to make a particular Enquiry, whether such a Man have afforded any ground for such an Accusation.

- Cotton Mather

Men serve God in their Duty: He never intended that all Persons Guilty of Capital Crimes should be discovered and punished by men in this Life, though they never be so curious in searching after iniquity. It is therefore exceeding necessary that that in such a day as this men be informed what is evidence, and what is not.

- Increase Mather

 The stop put to the first methodof proceedings hath dissipated the blak cloud that threatened this Province with destruccion; for whereas this disolusion of the Devill did spread and its dismall effects touched the lives and estates of many of their Ma'ties Subjects and the reputation of some of the principall persons here, and indeed unhappily clogged and interrupted their Ma'ties affairs which hath been a great vexation to me.

-Governor Phips, in a letter to the Earl of Nottingham

"We were in a way to have cleared the land of witches. . . . Who is it that obstructs the course of justice I know not. The Lord be merciful to the country."


Finally, a passage I have lifted from The Old Bachelor, admittedly removing it from its convoluted context (subtle tactics of adultery):

It must be a very superstitious country where such zeal passes for true devotion. I doubt it will be damned by all our Protestant husbands for flat idolatry.

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