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Born in 1753: Died in 1753: Events of 1753:
  • James Lind discovers that scurvy is caused by a dietary deficiency.  He publishes his findings in A Treatise of the Scurvy which finds that oranges and limes seem to prevent the disease. British naval ships begin stocking citrus fruits to prevent scurvy, and thus earn British sailors the moniker "Limey".
  • 21-year-old George Washington leads a band of Virginia soldiers into the Ohio country.  At the "Forks of the Ohio" (Pittsburgh) he finds a location well-suited to build a fort.  Washington conveys British demands for the French to vacate Fort Presque'Isle (Erie, Pennsylvania).  A French Indian agent tells Washington that they intend to take the whole territory.  After much hardship, he returns to Williamsburg to tell his story.
  • Sweden adopts the Gregorian Calendar.   All of a sudden, February 17 is March 1st.  Many people think the government robbed them of 11 days of their life!

1752 - 1753 - 1754

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