It is an established fact that a political revolution, judiciously carried out, is the violent means employed by nations to recover the sovereignty which naturally belongs to them, when the same has been usurped and trodden under foot by tyrannical and arbitrary government. There, the Philippine Revolution cannot be more justifiable than it is, because the country has only resorted to it after having exhausted all peaceful means which reason and experience dictated.

Philippine revolutionary Emilio Aguinaldo, declaring Philippine independence from Spain.

It is the tide of God's great purposes made manifest in the instincts of our race, whose present phase is our personal profit, but whose far-off end is the redemption of the world and the Christianization of mankind. And he who throws himself before that current is like him who, with puny arm, tries to turn the gulf stream from its course, or stay, by idle incantations, the blessed processes of the sun...Fellow Americans, we are God's chosen people.

Senate candidate Albert J. Beveridge, perfectly summing up the ideology later known as "manifest destiny" in his campaign speech, "The March of the Flag."

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