Discoverer (with his brother Jacques) of piezoelectricity. Married Marie Sklodowska and together they began studying uranium. After processing tons of ore for years, they discovered radium and polonium and won the Nobel Prize in 1903. Unfortunately Pierre was killed while crossing the street in the rain. Marie Curie got his job at the Sorbonne, the first woman teacher in its 650-year history. See movie Madame Curie.

When writing a small school project on Pierre Curie, I came across his following theorem. I thought it was so cool at the time, that it immediately stuck in my mind. It took many years until I understood a word of it. :)

The paramagnetic susceptibility is inversely proportional to the absolute temperature.

Saying it now, after my engineering degree, it doesn't sound quite as impressive as it did when I was 14, but still... :)

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