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Olympics 1928 St. Moritz, Switzerland, February 11 - 19
No. of countries: 25
No. of athletes: 472 (438 m + 34 w)
No. of events: 14 in 6 sports 

Even though the games were held in February, a heat wave nearly ruined the competitions. Some events were cancelled or shortened. The winner of the 50 km cross country skiing needed over an hour more than the winner four years earlier. This was also the first time German athletes were allowed to compete after World War I

New sport this time was toboggan, predecessor of luge. Figure skater Sonia Heine who at age 11 in Chamonix had come last, now entered the 1928 competitions at age 15 as a favorite and defending world champion. She won the gold. For the United States, 16 year old William Fiske led the American bobsled to a gold. Fiske would later become the first American pilot to be killed in the World War II.

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