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Major headlines included the United States sending the first combat forces to Vietnam while civil rights issues continued to dominate most newspapers. Excitement started the season when Jim Maloney of the Reds goes the distance and then some as he pitched ten innings of no-hit baseball versus the Mets. In the eleventh, he loses the game and the no-hitter when Johnny Lewis hit a leadoff home run...

1965 Player Review
Hitting Statistics
Statistic Name Team #
Base on Balls Joe Morgan Houston 97
Batting Average Roberto Clemente Pittsburgh .329
Doubles Hank Aaron Milwaukee 40
Hits Pete Rose Cincinnati 209
Home Runs Willie Mays San Francisco 52
On Base Percentage Willie Mays San Francisco .399
RBI Deron Johnson Cincinnati 130
Runs Tommy Harper Cincinnati 126
Slugging Average Willie Mays San Francisco .645
Stolen Bases Maury Wills Los Angeles 94
Total Bases Willie Mays San Francisco 360
Triples Johnny Callison Philadelphia 16

1965 Pitcher Review

Pitching Statistics

Statistic Name Team #
Complete Games Sandy Koufax Los Angeles 27
ERA Sandy Koufax Los Angeles 2.04
Games Ted Abernathy Chicago 84
Saves Ted Abernathy Chicago 31
Shutouts Juan Marichal San Francisco 10
Strikeouts Sandy Koufax Los Angeles 382
Winning Percentage Sandy Koufax Los Angeles .765
Wins Sandy Koufax Los Angeles 26

1965 Team Standings

Team W L % GB
Los Angeles 97 65 .599 0
San Francisco 95 67 .586 2
Pittsburgh 90 72 .556 7
Cincinnati 89 73 .549 8
Milwaukee 86 76 .531 11
Philadelphia 85 76 .528 11½
St. Louis 80 81 .497 16½
Chicago 72 90 .444 25
Houston 65 97 .401 32
New York 50 112 .309 47

1965 Team Review

Hitting Statistics

Statistic Team #
Base on Balls Cincinnati 538
Batting Average Cincinnati .273
Doubles Cincinnati 268
Hits Cincinnati 1,544
Home Runs Milwaukee 196
On Base Percentage Cincinnati .341
Runs Cincinnati 825
Slugging Average Cincinnati .439
Stolen Bases Los Angeles 172
Triples Cincinnati 61

1965 Team Review
Pitching Statistics
Statistic Team #
Complete Games Los Angeles 58
ERA Los Angeles 2.81
Fewest Hits Allowed Los Angeles 1,223
Fewest Home Runs Allowed Pittsburgh 89
Fewest Walks Allowed Houston 388
Saves San Francisco 42
Shutouts Los Angeles 23
Strikeouts Cincinnati 1,113

On April 12, 1965, the Houston Astrodome hosted its first regular season game. Dick Allen of the Phillies hit the first home run which drove in two runs ultimately defeating the home town Astros 2-0. On August 19, 1965, Jim Maloney of the Reds stops the hits again (see introduction at top of page). This time the Cubs take him into extra innings, but Leo Cardenas of the Reds takes them deep to give Maloney his first no hitter! On September 13, 1965, Willie Mays became the fifth member of the five-hundred home runs club when he blasted a Don Nottebart pitch in the Astrodome over the outfield wall

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