A cardgame that me and a friend made up after one to many 32oz. cups of coke at a local coffee shop. Basically a bastardization of Blackjack.

One standard deck of cards is shuffled normaly, then each player is dealt out 3 cards, one facedown, one faceup. You cannot look at the card which is face down. Each player declares how many cards they want (usually 1, 2, or 3) and those are dealt faceup. When all the cards are dealt the face down cards are turned over and numbers added up. Aces are one, facecards are 10. Closest one to 30 wins, you can go over (29 and 31 are a tie/push). Everyone plays against everyone else, as opposed to blackjack where you play the house.

Splitting is when you have to of the same value card (2 7's, a jack and a queen, etc) either horizontally or vertically, in the last colum only. Say you're dealt 2 7's, so you split, and are then dealt 2 queens into the last colum, you can split the queens. Much fun if you can get the splitting going, as you can split the entire deck onto the table. When you run out of cards, its tough, you start adding.

It was decided that ties are settled with a battle to the death. We're not quite sure what that entails yet, suggestions are welcomed.

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