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The 3000 meter run, or 3000 as it is better known, is the shortest distance race in track and field. It is the metric version of the two mile race, in the same sense that the 1500 meter run is the metric mile.

A 3000 can be run on an indoor or outdoor track. Outdoors, it is 7.5 laps around a 400 meter track, and indoors, like other distance races, it is as many laps as needed to complete the full distance. A waterfall or barrel start is usually used, although staggered starts with a one or two turn cutoff have also been utilized.

Due to the length of the race, starting blocks are never used.

World Records

  • Daniel Komen (KEN) - 7:20.67 , Rieti - 9/1/96

  • Women
  • Junxia Wang (CHN) - 8:06.11 , Beijing- 9/13/93

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