In the year AD 313...
  • The Roman empire is riven by civil war between co-emperors. The Western Empire is ruled by Constantine the Great, but the Eastern Empire is divided between co-emperors Licinius and Maximinus II. Constantine and Licinius cement an alliance by issuing the Edict of Milan, proclaim a policy of religious freedom and an end to the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. This is a blow to Maximinus, a devout pagan and avid Christian persecutor. Sensing the tides shifting against him, Maximinus raises a massive army of more than 70,000 men, crosses the Bosporus and invades Lincinius's home turf in Asia Minor, capturing Byzantium and Heraclea. Licinus marches to meet Maximinus with a veteran army of 30,000 Illyrians. Despite being outnumbered more than 2 to 1, Licinius, who was a superior general tactically, crushes Maximinus in the Battle of Tzirallum near Heraclea. Maximinus flees and later commits suicide, leaving Constantine and Licinius in control of the West and East, respectively.
  • Former Chinese emperor Huai of the Jin Dynasty has been held captive at the court of Xiongnu ruler Liu Cong since 311, treated well in general but also subjected to humiliations. At a feast, Liu orders Huai to serve wine to Xiongnu high officials. Some of Huai's former officials, also captives, cannot contain their dismay at seeing the former emperor of China humbled in this way and cry out loud in anger. Enraged, Liu Cong orders them executed and has former emperor Huai poisoned.
  • The massive Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine is completed in central Rome, becoming the largest building in the Roman Forum.
  • According to the traditional chronology, Nintoku becomes Emperor of Japan in this year. He will later become associated with the largest tomb ever built by human beings, the Daisen Kofun.

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