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365 Tomorrows

Will tomorrow feel like a year?
or will it be another day clouded with memories of beer?
Another year of 365 hangovers to look forward to.

Will the memory of tomorrow fade fast?
Just another date unobserved.
Something forgotten to be written down.
People who will never be seen again.
Won’t remember tomorrow in a month.
Those months coming and gone marked by paydays twice.
Another year of 12 insignificant parts to a bland whole.
365tomorrows is a flash fiction website that provides a self-contained 800-word or less SF story per day. It began on August 1, 2005 and claims to continue until July 31, 2006.

365 is written and maintained by Kathy Kachelries, J.R. Blackwell, Jared Axelrod, J. Loseth, and B. York. The title is a play on Nine Tomorrows, one of Isaac Asimov's collections of short stories.

Most of the stories on 365tomorrows could be considered soft science fiction, though there are several exceptions.

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