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One of the most powerful types of procedural texture maps in 3dsMAX R3 and R4 is the cell map. Don't over look this map type!

Things to do with a cell map:

- walls of field stone - a cell map can be used both as the texture map and the bump map. Choose chips and increase the size as required. Cell colour should be brighter for a texture map with darker division colours. You could use a noise map with a small size setting and using bright colours for texture. Clone the texture map to the bump map to ensure that your colours line up with your bumps

- cobblestones Similar to field stones but using the circular maps

- volcanic rock complete with glowing lava. Use fractal set chips as with the field stone, tint your texture map copy with dark earth tones for the cell map and bright reds and oranges for the division colours. Also clone to a glow map and then switch your division colours to very bright and cell colours to very dark.

- leather a nice brown material with a very fine fractal cell map makes a nice leathery texture.

For more information on the different maps (texture vs glow vs bump etc.) see Material maps in 3ds MAX R4.

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