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4 Front Records is Bostons premiere drum n bass record store. It sells the latest in UK drum n bass, as well as whatever US drum n bass exists. They get weekly shipments in, which sell out quite quickly.

Run and owned by DJ Static, it is also a hangout for local dnb talent. Regulars there quckly become friends with the outgoing DJ Static, and become part of the dnb community in Boston. Many DJs hang out in 4 Front before they start spinning in local clubs.

4 Front Records is also the main leader in a local drum n bass show every other week at club Envy in Boston. The Rinse is a showcase of international drum n bass artists, which is always packed, get there early.

4 Front is located along one of the most popular streets in Boston. Newbury Street is a street that would equal 5th Avenue in New York city. It its filled with expensive resturants, shops, and has clothes stores with the latest in fashion.
279 Newbury St.
Boston, MA
SA 02116

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