5 Novels is a collection of children's/young adult novels by Daniel Pinkwater. It is accompanied by a companion collection, 4 Fantastic Novels.

Pinkwater has long been a purveyor of silly books for kids, and many of us have fond memories of his books; he has a very devout fan base, which he keeps renewing every time he puts out new and odd works. However, his stories are a little bit odd for most readers, and he has never hit the big time -- specifically, he has not gained enough fame to justify keeping all of his old works in publication. This collection brings back five of his classic novels that were previously almost impossible to get a hold of:

I have done reviews of all these books in their respective nodes, but overall this is an excellent collection, and well worth reading. Amazon has it recommended it for ages 10-and-up, but I might rise this a by few years, perhaps to 13, based primarily on the inclusion of Young Adult Novel, which is rather dark. However, I would expect the majority of these books to be enjoyed most by 13- to 16-year-olds.

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