The 50th Space Wing (50 SW) is the host unit at Schriever Air Force Base. The mission of the 50th Space Wing is to provide combat power from space through command and control of communication, navigation, warning, and surveillance satellite weapon systems. The wing operates satellite operations centers at Schriever, remote tracking stations and other command and control facilities around the world.

These facilities monitor satellites during launch, put the satellite in their proper orbits following launch, operate the satellites while they are in orbit and fix satellite anomalies when they occur.

The wing operates and maintains several satellite programs including the Defense Support Program, the Navstar Global Positioning System, the Defense Satellite Communications System, NATO IV/Skynet 4, MILSTAR and the Midcourse Space Experiment spacecraft.

The wing is composed of three groups, 50th Operations Group, 50th Network Operations Group, and the 50th Mission Support Gorup.

The wing has approximately 4,000 active duty Air Force military, civilian and contractor personnel, including its worldwide locations.

The emblem of the 50 SW is an opinicus passant Argent on a Azure field with yellow trim.

The current commander is Colonel Suzanne Vautrinot.

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