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In the year AD 69...

  • A revolt breaks out in the Roman Empire against Emperor Galba when the armies of upper and lower Germany declare governor Aulus Vitellius emperor. Meanwhile Galba's right hand man, Marcus Salvius Otho, secretly arranges a deal with the Praetorian Guard, who have Galba murdered and name Otho emperor. Vitellius' legions march on Rome, defeating Otho at Cremona, and Otho commits suicide. Vitellius proves a tyranical emperor however, and another revolt breaks out in the summer in the name of the governor of Judea, Titus Flavius Vespasianus (Vespasian), led by Danubian governor Antonius Primus. In December, Primus' troops capture Rome, Vitellius is killed, and the Senate names Vespasian (who is still in Egypt) emperor of Rome, beginning the Flavian Dynasty and almost a century of peace. Thus the year AD 69 is remembered as "The Year of the Four Emperors."
  • Chinese Emperor Han Ming Ti invades the southern kingdom of Ai-Lao.
  • Cartimandua, the queen of the British Brigantes tribe, is overthrown by her people when she repudiates her husband Venutius in favor of his armor-bearer Vellocatus.

These people were born in 69:

These people died in 69:

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