I didn't sleep this night. I slept in enough; the sleep would just screw me up. Better to stay up. Stare at old TV episodes. Of course, you're there all the while.

I sifted through some old projects of mine, after staying up late playing a game with my buddies. You just lay there, below me, shifting and muttering. I got a little work done. A little. You said it was fine, something, oh, that's cool, what's up? I said nothing.

I put my headphones, let the TV blot out the night. Everyone has their fire; Prometheus is universal. But I could feel you. You shook the foundations of my world when you rolled over. Sometimes I paused the show, lifted a muff of the headphones. You didn't say anything intelligible when I listened. Only when I didn't.

My vigil started long after you'd drifted off to sleep. The room was silent. I thought I saw you stand up... But it was only a ghost. You're asleep. So is everyone. But you still keep talking. I prayed for what was and is and is to come. You keep your god on the corner of your desk.

I didn't sleep this night. Thoughts of she, thoughts of me, and the future - that is, today - kept me up. Little monsters kept me company. Fear is a good stimulant. Nothing jolts you up quite like a good burst of adrenaline.

It's 6 AM. I have to go, get ready for class now. I can have Lucky Charms and Pop-Tarts for breakfast again. I ate four times in the last four days. It was all I needed.

Winter makes the sky dark. In England, it's probably dinner time right now. I long for the future, but it's time for my shower now.

You're still down there. You're quiet now, but I listened to you sleep.

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