The only time that I ever find it convenient to enjoy a good sunrise is when I've been up all night, because there is no way I would voluntarily wake up in time to see a sunrise on my own. For this reason I find that sunrises are more enjoyable than sunsets, just because they are the most rare for me to see. If I were ever forced to rise from a good night's sleep in time to catch the sun come up, I would squint at it through bleary eyes, say "Oh, that's nice," and get on with the business that got me up so friggin' early. However, if I've been up until 6:30 in the morning for whatever reason, psychedelic drugs, a game of Monopoly that just lasted way beyond its natural life, raving all night, I seek out the rising sun with eyes wide with wonder/dilated pupils/sleep deprivation (many of the times it's a cocktail) and gaze in awe at such a pure sight. The sunrise is just more special when you've been conscious for 10 or so hours of darkness to get to it.

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