7th Heaven is a teen targeted drama on the WB network. It is the story of the family of a church pastor. The show deals with a lot of teen issues such as drugs, sex, suicide, and alcohol. It is probably one of the WB's better shows. This is an Aaron Spelling show, (the same guy who produced Beverly Hills 90210), but fortunately he kept his daughter out of this one. To me this is one of those shows that I will watch if it happens to come on when I am in front of the television, (which is more than I can say for most shows on the WB network).

If you look down at the softlinks below this node you will see the number one link is Thou shalt be punished for noding 7th Heaven. This disturbs me. If you don't like a tv show then don't read the nodes about it. There is more on TV than just The Simpsons and Star Trek. Its things like that nodeshell, (and the node that probably used to be there), that make people afraid to node things. Don't be afraid to node your favorite tv show. Don't be afraid to node anything. (I have had to recreate that nodeshell twice now, the editors keep deleting it).

Cast Listing
Episode Guide

I have noded a couple of the episodes. Feel free to fill in the blanks if you have the time.

Season 1
  1. Anything You Want (Pilot Episode)
  2. Family Secrets
  3. In The Blink Of An Eye
  4. No Funerals And A Wedding
  5. The Color of God
  6. Halloween
  7. Saturday
  8. What Will People Say?
  9. See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
  10. Last Call For Aunt Julie
  11. Now You See Me
  12. With A Little Help From My Friends
  13. America's Most Wanted
  14. Seven Is Enough
  15. Happy's Valentine
  16. Brave New World
  17. Choices
  18. Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line
  19. It's About George
  20. Say Goodbye
  21. Dangerous Liaisons - Part One
  22. Dangerous Liaisons - Part Two
Season 2
  1. Don't Take My Love Away
  2. See You In September
  3. I Love You
  4. Who Knew?
  5. Says Who?
  6. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
  7. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  8. Do Something
  9. I Hate You
  10. Truth Or Dare
  11. Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way
  12. Rush To Judgement
  13. Stuck In The Middle With You
  14. Red Tape
  15. Homecoming
  16. It Takes A Village
  17. Nothing Endures But Change
  18. My Kinda Guy
  19. Time To Leave The Nest
  20. Like A Harlot
  21. Boyfriends...
  22. ...And Girlfriends
Season 3
  1. It Takes Two, Baby
  2. Drunk Like Me
  3. Cutters
  4. The Legacy
  5. ...And A Nice Chianti
  6. And The Home Of The Brave
  7. Johnny Get Your Gun
  8. No Sex, Some Drugs, And A Little Rock & Roll
  9. Let's Talk About Sex
  10. Here Comes Santa Claus
  11. Nobody Knows
  12. All That Jazz
  13. The Tribes That Bind
  14. In Praise Of Women
  15. It Happened One Night
  16. Paranoia
  17. Sometimes That's Just The Way It Is
  18. We The People
  19. The Voice
  20. All Dogs Go To Heaven
  21. There Goes The Bride Part 1
  22. There Goes The Bride Part 2
Season 4
  1. The Tattle Tale Heart
  2. Life Is Too Beautiful
  3. Yak Sada
  4. Come Drive With Me
  5. With Honors
  6. Just You Wait And See
  7. Sin...
  8. ... And Expiation
  9. Dirty Laundry
  10. Who Nose
  11. Forget Me Not
  12. All By Myself
  13. Who Do You Trust?
  14. Words
  15. Loves Me, Loves Me Not
  16. Say A Little Prayer For Me
  17. Twelve Angry People
  18. Hoop Dreams
  19. Talk To Me
  20. Liar, Liar
  21. Love Stinks Part 1
  22. Love Stinks Part 2
Season 5
  1. Here We Go Again
  2. Help
  3. Losers
  4. Busted
  5. Blind
  6. Broke
  7. Bye
  8. Gossip
  9. Tunes
  10. Surprise!
  11. Home
  12. One Hundred
  13. Kiss
  14. V-Day
  15. Sweeps
  16. Parents
  17. Crazy
  18. Apologize
  19. Virgin
  20. Regrets
  21. Chances...
  22. ...Are

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