People between the ages of thirteen and nineteen.

Another invention of the twentieth century. Before the 1940s, there were children and adults. But older children started to go to work and have money of their own, and became a potential market. Madison Avenue responded, and a new demographic was born. Portable phonographs and white bucks and rock and roll and cruising were born. And God looked and he saw it was good.

Teen (?), n. [OE. tene, AS. teona reproach, wrong, fr. teon to accuse; akin to G. zeihen, Goth. gateihan to tell, announce, L. dicere to say. See Token.]

Grief; sorrow; affiction; pain.


Chaucer. Spenser.

With public toil and private teen Thou sank'st alone. M. Arnold.


© Webster 1913.

Teen, v. t. [AS. teonian, tnan, to slander, vex. 64. See Teen, n.]

To excite; to provoke; to vex; to affict; to injure.


Piers Plowman.


© Webster 1913.

Teen, v. t. [See Tine to shut.]

To hedge or fence in; to inclose.

[Prov. Eng.]



© Webster 1913.

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