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High School Driver Safety - A Statistics Project by CrAzE

As part of my high school education, it was my duty to statistically evaluate something, anything, in my school. It may be important to note that I attend high school in a fairly wealthy part of St. Louis County, and that I am in a wealthy school district within said county. Not a weekend goes by without me seeing several teens pulled over by officers of the law. In a few of these cases, I find car accidents where some irresponsible adult had bought their child an upper end sports car, what now is little more than a heap of metal. I have also seen all too many DWIs/DUIs with teenage drivers. THAT IS RIGHT OUT! To say the least, the situation concerned me. I wanted to know more. I decided to do my survey on the drivers of the school.

The Question:
Are most LHS (my high school) students reckless drivers? Do the weekly mishappenings that I see represent the entire student population, or are these just a few stupid key individuals whose parents can feed their bad habbits?

The survey:
My survey began as an in depth survey with many questions involving drinking and driving, types of car accidents, how cars a paid for and provided, and other topics of the sort. After consulting my teacher, we both agreed that this may result in erroneous data (due to embarrassment) and would also be a heavy topic for me to tackle. My survey quickly became representative of something less meaningful. The sample included 60 students randomly selected through the school's directory by student number. It is as follows:
#1 Choose the response that best fits you
I own an automobile (titled in my name)
I have access to an automobile (not titled in my name)
I do not have access to an automobile
#2 Do you wear a seatbelt?
#3 Have you been ticketed for speeding?
#4 If yes (to #3), how many times and how fast?
I have been ticketed ______ times
The most I have been ticketed for is ______MPH over the limit
#5 Have you been ticketed for reckless driving?
#6 As a driver, have you been in a car accident
As you can see the survey is not profound in any manner.

The results:
#1: Car ownership
26.1% own a car
69.6% have car access
.043% have no car access
#2: seatbelts
73.9% always wear their seatbelt
22% sometimes wear their seatbelt
4.35% never wear a seatbelt
#3 Speeding
47.8% have been ticketed for speeding
52.1% have not been ticketed for speeding
#4 Speeding (cont.)
The average number of tickets for speeders 1.36 tickets
for any student is .652 tickets
The averages speeding ticket is for 19.27 miles per hour over
the highest found speeding ticket was 26 MPH over in a 25
#5 Reckless driving?
0% have reckless driving tickets
100% have no reckless driving tickets
#6 Car accidents
52.1% of students have been in a car accident
47.8% have been in no accidents
What it means:
For one, teenage drivers around here aren't great drivers. I noticed a trend where people who were supplied a car were more prone to get a speeding ticket and for their speeding tickets to be at faster speeds. This shows a great irreverence for money and themselves. They are a foolish breed those teenagers. I really wish I could have gotten more, deeper information.
Questions? Comments? Threats? /MSG CrAzE.
Note: All data and statistics were collected at LHS by CrAzE

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