With the Everything Engine, the term node has many definitions. First of all, it's what you get when you click a hardlink- that is, one or more writeups with a box at the bottom to add your own information. That's the most oft-used meaning.

There is, however, a broader, deeper, darker meaning. This may be confusing, so read it several times. Everything in Everything is a node. All of the following are counted as nodes in everything statistics and the stats nodelet:

  • Nodes, the first definition above- this includes nodeshells.
  • Each writeup- that is, the portion of a node submitted by a user.
  • Each user's homenode, which is actually the user's node, in more ways than one.
  • All superdocs, nodelets, themes, and "Special" documents
  • All deleted writeups- that's right, writeups never die, they just become harder to see.
  • Each individual section of code
  • everything else
This is why there are twice as many "nodes" as writeups.

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