The 800 Club was a spinoff--or I should say adversary of the famous 700 Club. It was probably instigated by the Discordians, or at the very least definitely someone who was into Operation Mindfuck. Whether they knew it or not.

Here's the idea of the 800 club: You collect 800 numbers of various Churchian money-grubbing hate groups, and you start making calls. Every call you make that they answer, even if you just hang up the phone, costs them a few cents. The longer you stay on the line, the more it costs them. If you order pamphlets and whatnot (it's fun to have them sent to enemies, preferably en masse), it costs them a couple bucks. One guy got ambitious, hooked up a modem, and cost those bastards over ninety grand in only a few months.

Fun aside, this was our quiet protest to what those of us in the 800 Club (and we were many; hell, we still may be many...) saw as a disgusting rape of spirituality. Oh, and they were usually assholes, too...we had lots of fun with Pat Robertson and all the other hate-monger sorts who are always going after the Teletubbies or Halloween or gay marriages or whatever was up their collective ass that particular week.

You know, I haven't been in on the 800 club in years, but now that I think about it, it really was a good idea. If money is what's so important to these greedy offerers of deliberately misleading advice in the realms of what is supposed to be holy, let money be what it costs them, right? Hmm...and I know a little more about modems now, too....*eg*

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