The injection of cognitive dissonance into the machinery of the Conspiracy. A freelance disinformation campaign which any number can play.

Something Discordians like to play at. If you want to help out, simply go out to the big room, preferably during the day in some place that normals hang out -- a mall or something like that -- and do inexplicable things. It's a lot more fun than some people think. It's amazing what a simple game of "Sink" can do to make everyone's day a little more surreal.

Operation Mindfuck (OM for short) is a Discordian project that has, as its goal, to shock all neophobes so hard they transform into neophiles. The ELF's drug AUM does this fairly well, but just general wierdness will sometimes produce the same result. OM is *not* a joint effort with anyone or anything- not even your fellow Discordians. To put it simply, Be Weird is its sole commandment. Be Exceedingly Weird. Be So Weird You Frighten Your Neighbors. Then get weirder still. You can pull off better mindfucks with practice.

Fight Club has a few examples of mindfucks (although most mindfucks do not need to involve the destruction of property), as does The Illuminatus! Trilogy, Schrodinger's Cat, and basically anything else written by Robert Anton Wilson.

As already mentioned Operation Mindfuck is a discordian operation to encourage neophobes to become neophiles, by generally being weird, and doing random things. The key factor about Operation Mindfuck, which adds greatly to its potency, is that few activities are ever directly linked to it, but that any random act could be part of it. This cultivates the attitude that any activity by a discordian is in fact part of Operation Mindfuck, and this paranoia only serves to increase the confusion experienced by the victim if the discordian acts normally. Examples of verified Operation Mindfuck activities include their subversive bumper stickers ("Your local police are armed and dangerous" etc.), and a series of memberships to fictional societies given to particularly extreme public officials (membership in the flat earth society for the teacher who has made the best argument for banning science from schools, for instance). The epitome of Operation Mindfuck is Markoff Cheney, who, although not discordian, is conducting a single-handed war of disorder against the United States.

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