This computer game is perhaps the strangest game I have ever played. It was developed in 1996 by Tribeca Entertainment and published by GT Interactive Software.

This game is one of several that were made in the wake of the phenominally successful Myst. Gameplay is very similar to Myst: you click on the screen to move and interact with the enivironment.

The plot of the game involves you, the player, inhereting an old "resort" from your late relative Thurston Last. The resort, called the Last Resort, was created as a get-away for struggling artists, as a source of inspiration. Naturally, this means the interior of the resort contains some of the most bizarre imagery ever seen on the computer. And, of course, the game is about you exploring the interior of the resort.

The CD's jewel case and the manual both reflect this visual style. Example: The cover art is simply a monkey sitting against a black background, wearing a crown, and holding a card with the numeral "9" on it. Example: the CD itself has a picture of two winged Cupid-like critters, with skulls instead of heads, holding a shield with a spider on it, with the word "Tribeca" (the makers of the game) under it.

There is at least one noteworthy thing about this game, however: cameos. There are five of these:

  • Cher does the voice of Isadora, a gypsy who manges the same-game functions.
  • James Belushi is Salty, a small biplane with a large head sticking out of the cockpit, who follows you around and gives you tips.
  • Steven Tyler and Joe Perry do the voices for a pair of characters listed in the manual as the "Twins". Having not actually played this game in a really long time, I entirely forget what they do or what they are.
  • And Cristopher Reeve does the voice of your late relative, Thurston Last.
In addition to these, Robert De Niro boasts an executive producer credit.

How worthwhile is this game? I bought it at Electronics Boutique for 99 cents, a price I agree with entirely.

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