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I'm not going anywhere.

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5/2/02: I updated my homenode. Did ya notice?
5/9/02: Added the chess game.
8/23/02: Having now achieved level 2, you should fear my rightous voting. Or something.
10/7/02: I have updated Kahn; the update is tangentially related to the DMCA.
11/8/02: Pretty complete re-write of my homenode. Yipee.
2/23/04: I wiped it again; removed the chess game.
3/13/04: Hit level 3.
1/3/05: Started the chess game again.
4/19/08: Killed the chess game again.

  1. I wrote about Ladd's Addition because I lived there.
    I wrote about SE Hawthore Blvd because I lived near there. (deleted)
  2. I wrote about Kahn because I almost live there, too. used to live there.
  3. I wrote about left because I was feeling witty. And I'm left-handed.
  4. I wrote about the world's most narrowly useful programming language because I thought I could do better than the existing examples.
  5. I wrote about a bus door mechanism because it seemed an interesting parable at the time.
  6. I explained that our words are backed by nuclear weapons because they often are.
  7. I wrote about Minerva because I know more about it than could possibly be good or holy.
  8. I daylogged April 9, 2002 because I could.
    I posted my old Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn table of contents because it doesn't have one. (deleted)
  9. I wrote about Half-Life: Opposing Force because the existing writeups were just begging to be superceeded.
  10. I wrote about Total Annihilation because really obscure bits of game mechanics interest me.
  11. I wrote about the Ah-So because against all probability it hadn't been noded yet.
  12. I wrote about Cockpit because I was suprised no one else had.
  13. I wrote about MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries because, god damnit, no one else had. I re-wrote it later to make it much, much better.
  14. I wrote about pity this busy monster,manunkind, because it struck me at the time I first heard it.
  15. I wrote about Kali because I wrote about Kahn. They are connected; they are as one.
  16. I wrote about the Quake shareware CD because it is one of the best examples of bad timing that I have ever seen.
  17. I wrote about Ukrainian Poker because it is one of my favorite card games.
  18. I wrote about Clue Master Detective because this game and I go way back... and I've never even played it.
  19. I wrote about 9 because this number stalks me.
  20. I wrote about Megalopolis because it solves a problem.
  21. I wrote about Vivendi Universal for the suprising reason that no one else had.
  22. I wrote about Gunman Chronicles because (I see a pattern here) it was yet another game no one had covered yet.
  23. I wrote about the computer mouse as the result of a quest.
  24. I wrote about video game music to beat Anatole to the punch. Ha!
  25. I wrote about the grand jury in response to the very same quest.
  26. I wrote about Starcraft: Ghost because I expect great things from this game.
  27. I wrote about Morrowind because this game is proceeding to systematically eat my life.
  28. I wrote about Red Faction to clear up its origins.
  29. I wrote about The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask to give the game the writeup it deserves.
  30. I explained how to open a stuck jar because it's one of the most useful skills I have.
  31. I wrote about Master of Orion 3 because it doesn't exist yet exists.
  32. I wrote about Independence War 2 because it isn't Freespace 2.
  33. I wrote about Axis and Allies because I rather like the board game.
  34. I wrote about Command & Conquer to fill a void. (And, later, because I bought the damn thing.)
  35. I wrote about Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun for the same reason I wrote the next one.
  36. I wrote about Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 for the same reason I wrote the last one.
  37. I wrote about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master Quest because its title is FAR TOO LONG.
  38. I ranted about the first-person perspective because.
  39. I wrote about Command & Conquer: Generals becuase (get this) someone else already had.
  40. I wrote about The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker because I kept bitching and bitching at people until I did.
  41. I wrote about Freespace 2 because it is.
  42. I wrote about Enter the Matrix as part of a plot to take over the world. BWAHAHA!
  43. I wrote about Steam as part of Valve's plot to take over the world. BWAHAHA!
  44. I wrote about Tribunal just to show that Webster 1913 guy who's boss.
  45. I wrote about Bloodmoon because there's bears 'n' shit.
  46. I wrote about GamingFM because I also wrote video game music.
  47. I wrote about Errant Story because I rather enjoy reading it.
  48. I wrote about Metal Gear Solid to actually say something about the game.
  49. I wrote about Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes because I am a consumer whore.
  50. I wrote about Command & Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour because those minigunners rock.
  51. I wrote about Tad Williams because I love that goddamn author.
  52. I wrote about The Temple of Elemental Evil because, ack! You are drunk!
  53. I wrote about Skype because it does what it does and it does it well.
  54. I wrote about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas because running over people is fun.
  55. I wrote about Half-Life while trying to write about Half-Life 2.
  56. I wrote about Half-Life 2 to talk about Steam.
  57. I wrote about Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game, even though it's no Settlers of Catan.
  58. I wrote about Jak 3 because, eh, it was fun.
  59. I wrote about Mercenaries because that is its name.
  60. I wrote about the Revolution because, eh, why the hell not?
  61. I wrote about the new version of Inform because it's really damned cool.
  62. I wrote about D so I could have my shortest writeup title yet; uh, except for that other one.
  63. I daylogged May 17, 2006 to talk about Everygame.
  64. I wrote about templates to talk more about D.
  65. I daylogged March 17, 2007.

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