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The 900 MHz frequency is used for many wireless applications. Such applications include cordless phones, pagers, cell phones, and wireless networking.

This frequency is used for said applications, because it has a better ability to carry through objects and longer distances (See wave length) when compared to frequencies previously implemented. Such frequencies include 46 MHz and 47 MHz. 900 MHz devices are more commonly digital, with the exception of residential cordless phones, most of which are analog (Digital residential cordless phones at 900 MHz tend distort cell phone signals).

Each device has a specific frequency it works on (IE: A pager at 929.9854 MHz). Someone listening on said frequencies(if they have knowledge of them, which can be found on the back of many of the devices, or in the battery compartment) can intercept and/or jam attempted communications. L0pht was seen doing this on television during an interview of them, which took place inside their mysterious urban legend-style lab.

Control of radio frequency allocation is done in the United States by the Federal Communication Commission (http://www.fcc.gov). Frequencies which are expected to be popular in the future include 2.4 GHz.

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