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In The Simpsons episode 2F09 "Homer the Great", Homer has just become a member of the ancient mystic society of The Stonecutters via kinship to Grandpa Simpson.

Following his initiation at the ultra secret Stonecutter HQ, Lenny and Karl give Homer his membership pack the next day at the power plant:

Lenny: You put that sticker on your car so you won't get any tickets. And this other one keeps paramedics from stealing your wallet while they're working on you.

Carl: Oh, and don't bother calling 911 any more... here's the real number.

(hands him a card with "912")

In another episode of The Simpsons, the Springfield police station is being inundated with calls. Chief Wiggum soon tires of answering the telephone, so when one distressed caller phones seeking assistance, Wiggum responds by saying : "No, you've got the wrong number, this is 91.... 2"

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