A rather daring title, don't you think? A Brief History of Everything, written by the philosopher Ken Wilber in 2001, details Wilber's organizational plan of the universe. In many ways, A Brief History of Everything is really the same as his earlier book, Sex, Ecology, and Spirituality; A Brief History o Everything, however, is timelier and (IMHO) better written.

A reccommended read for those interested in seeing the world as a whole. Wilber's unique theory argues for a unit of organization called the holon. Levels of physical, spiritual, or sociological complexity are mapped out and made clear through mapping holons onto a system he calls the Four Quadrants. A holon is any unit of organization that both is made of multiple smaller piecies and is the smaller piece of a larger holon. Indeed, our whole world, he argues, is filled with hierarchies of different holons and their interactions. For example, the molecule is an example of a holon. It is made out of multiple component atoms (which are also holons), and is part of a larger holon, such as a cellular membrane or what have you. Things get interesting when he applies holon theory to the organization of different types of consciousness and spirituality.

Ultimately, A Brief History of Everything provides a desperately needed perspective to modern-day Society. The most important thing that Wilber teaches is that in order to have a functional whole, one needs all of the smaller building blocks. Our soiciety, constantly in search of instant gratification and the get-rick quick scheme, could learn a think or two from him.

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