Some people think MIT doesn't have a lot of women. Actually, for the past n years, entering classes have been around 45% female. And half of the men live in frats where they only date Wellsley and BU chicks. You do the math. Also, they tend to be intellectually drop dead gorgeous, to cop another noder's mis-spelled phrase.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with some MIT women over Spring Break of my junior year of college. I was on tour with my a-cappella group, The Xtension Chords, and we made a stop at MIT to sing with the MIT Muses. They were very smart, very friendly, and pretty darn attractive. We tried our best to party with them afterwards in the big dorm penthouse that they put us up in, but there was only one who didn't have some form of huge midterm coming up in the next day or two. I still managed to sit down and talk with a few of them. I'll tell you, there're not too many feelings in this world better than being surrounded by a bunch of attractive geek girls! Woo hoo!

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