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" Now, I'm left not wanting to share my secrets. Or just a few, just enough to reveal me as interesting. A Girl with a Past who has Done Things. But no further."   -  jessicapierce


I pity a man with no scars. No seriously,  I do.   Because most of us know that it is One Thing to wonder about certain people,  to wonder if they haven't really lived- its another thing to know it for certain.   To know they have been safe and sheltered and kept from danger.     The lack of danger- the inexperience with real trauma,  its a thing.    More to the point- not getting to that edge,  that is the thing.   Some people say they can sense it - the way dogs and horses know if a person can be trusted-  by smell- or by some sense we can't really put our fingers on.   That thing


All of this is a preamble for a statement -  certain women know.   They just do.  They know that life is not fair- but it is still beautiful.  They know that their family is filled with crazy people- but they love each and everyone of them.  The oldest and the youngest more of course,  but yes, all of them.  

They know that men, by and large,  can't be trusted.  Yet they still find themselves loving them -and often at 200 miles an hour.  Just because.  

When you are fortunate, and I do mean, fortunate enough to meet and get to know such a person- consider yourself blessed.   Cherish each and every moment.   

Why?   Because there are only so many Christmas mornings,  so many double rainbows and a certain number of shooting stars that you will be lucky enough to see.   Because that is what being with her is


That is how life is. 



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