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A book by V.S. Naipaul published in 1961 which recently won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

It is the story of Mohun Biswas, the poor son of a superstitious family in Trinidad. Born with six fingers on one hand, his family believes he is cursed. Once his father dies (unfortunately after Biswas goes against a superstitious order his mother had given him), he is forced to move into a house with his aunt Tara, where is beaten. He vows to get out of the situation and find a job, and in the couse of doing so he begins flirting with a member of the family he works for, a girl named Shama. Biswas is forced into marriage with the girl, and the two spend an unhappy life together, having children and numerous fights. Biswas takes on several jobs, all to attain the goal of buying his own house, so he no longer has to depend on anyone else.

It is the story of a man who longs to break free from tradition, family and religion, to find his own place. It is partially based on the life of the author's father. I am currently reading this novel and enjoying it.

Other books by V.S. Naipaul include:

"A Way in the World"
"A Bend in the River"
"Mr. Stone and the Knights Companion"
"A Flag on the Island"

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