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Norwegian fairy tale from Asbjørnsen and Moe's collections. The original ("En frierhistorie") was found at Project Gutenberg and translated to English by me for E2 noders' enjoyment.


There was once a boy who went out to propose. Among other places he also visited a farm where the people sat in poverty; but when the boy came, they wanted to seem well off, as you can understand. The man had just got a new sleeve for his shirt. "Sit down!" he asked the suitor. "But it's so dusty here everywhere!" and then he walked around dusting and rubbing benches and tables with his new sleeve; the other arm he held behind his back.

The wife had a new shoe. With that, she walked around kicking things, chairs and stools; "There's so much in the way, it's so untidy here!" she said.

Then they called for the daughter to come and tidy. She had just got a new hat; therefore, she poked her head through the door and nodded here and there. "I can't be everywhere, you know!" she said.

Oh, it was a rich family the suitor had found.


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