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A Treatise of Human Nature-The false doctrine of consequence.

Consequences. Our society revolves around consequences. Or so we should think, however whilst close, this theory is not the truth. Sometimes it just so happens that being not quite the truth is significantly worse then being entirely off the truth. In truth, cause and effect is the pure and natural basis for our society.

Cause and effect doesn't satisfy the requirements of the elites however. Cause and effect is unforgiving of their shortcomings, (which they are otherwise so reluctant to admit the existence of) so they created the doctrine of consequence.

The true, unwritten definition of consequence is that consequences are artifical effects of a cause. Say I jaywalk across the street, thats my cause, the effect is that i saved a bit of time, in exchange for a heightened risk of injury. The artifical 'consequence' is that I recieve a $300 fine for jaywalking. This fine does not exist in nature. It does not fall in line with the known concept of cause and effect. My actions did not cause it, it is indeed an effect without a cause, artificial.

These artifical effects, labelled as consequences and indoctrinated into our education are false methods of control. Next time a disciplined child is told to consider the consequences of their actions examine the true causal relationship to their punishment. In truth, the punishment shouldnt exist. Matter cannot be created or destroyed, yet here, an effect in the form of punishment has been fabricated out of thin air, breaking the laws of reality it seems, so as to suit the needs of those that wish to dominate.

If you do not wish to be dominated, nor do you want to see your children and all their descendants dominated, there is a single, simple action, that has a true, natural, and thus indestructable effect. Reject the false doctrine of consequence, live only according to the natural effects of your actions, and the effect will be the dissolution of this artificial domination.

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