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"A Work of Art", also known by the title "The Objet d' Art", is a short story by Anton Chekhov, first published in 1886. The story is very short, only five pages, and is more of a long joke than a story.

The story starts with a poor patient who works in the bronze trade insisting that a doctor take an artistic, yet obscene candelabra as payment. Although the doctor does not want the candelabra, he takes it to save the young man's pride. He then gives it a way as a gift to a friend who he thinks may be able to have a use for a racy candelebra, and from there we follow the fruitcake-like candelebra until it finds its way back to the young lad in the bronze trade, who enthusiastically brings it back to the doctor, saying he has found the artistic candelebra's mate. The story ends with the doctor speechless.

Being somewhat familiar with Russian literature, but unfamiliar with Chekhov, I am happy to find stories like this, that are are not labyrinthine and grim, but instead are short, and humorous.

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