A firefly becoming a streetlight becoming a star

When I was just a young firefly and lived my life on the ground
as dusk would come I would cast my gaze skyward
and see what I thought were my ancestors
drifting and blinking around a lone streetlight
That shone like a beacon and provided me with the incentive
To one day be like them

And as I grew wings and tried my hand at flight
I found my first forays into freedom liberating and I knew, just knew,
That one day I’d join my comrades up in the sky
Where my light would also shine and provide inspiration
To the next generation of fireflies
That would be sure to follow

And then one night as dusk arrived
I decided it was time to shoot for what I thought were the stars
Only to find myself imprisoned behind a wall of glass
With others just like me and escape seemingly impossible
I decided to take a stand
And despite the instinct and the urge, I refused to blink

My fellow fireflies decided to follow my lead
And soon extinguished their lights as well
Leaving all of us surrounded by darkness

And despite the shaking of the wall of glass
We held firm until the lid was opened
And we were allowed to make our escape

I flew with a renewed purpose and sense of joy
And joined my fellow fireflies darting about the streetlight
My light burning brighter than it ever did before
And when I took notice of the stars above me
I realized they were unattainable
And I thought to myself that it was ok
And that I became a star in the eyes of my colleagues

inspiration courtesy of user etouffee, I hope I did it justice


everything breathes                                       

but not everything                                         
only faded flecks of paint                                
an old mist                                                   
broken cocoons                                             
the starry sleepwalk of a disregarded road and    
crowds of mice and unearthing cicadas              
to watch the gymnast of light                          

you can watch, too                                        

a firefly stir                                                   
like wet bandages                                          

and you can watch,                                       

the electric amber hum                                   
light's devastating vault for the sky                  

and you can listen,                                        

it sounds like opening a soda can                     

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