Songbirds are gently humming through the foothills. The breeze is murmuring above the crooning melodies of lady nature. Beyond the endless fields, the sky meets with the horizon and the two melt into one.

Clouds pass nimbly by as children play in the pastures below. A lone house stands on the plateau of soft hills. In the vineyards she lays in a white gown. The plains are mostly silent at this time of day.

She hears the sounds of a child's laughter echoing through the moorland. She smiles as she watches the sky.

In the orchards when she was a child, she was kissed for the first time. In the same groves her children play and laugh, some years later.





At night she heads to the creek in the meadows. The night sky reflects off the water; a sea of a thousand stars.

She lays in the stream bed late in the night, feeling the waters gently glissading over her. The sky appears so much more clear from underneath the water's surface. The loons that share the lake are mostly silent.

Nearby, the trees of a still forest are rustling. The surging winds are moaning softly. She follows a thoroughfare that leads beyond the tree-line.

At the end of the footpath she finds an old fountain, encircled by the woodland. It stands illuminated under the moonlight.

She leans down and looks in. She see's a reflection of her younger self, adorned in the white gown.


Somewhere off in the night, she can hear a child's laughter.


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