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Walking his dog, alone under the frozen trees, in his frozen neighborhood, under the frozen moon that is followed by ten thousand frozen, burning stars. Wondering if his parents are happy, wondering if his girlfriend loves him, wondering if he cares if she does. Feeling his frozen heart, trying to melt it away with candy smokes that he made up, trying to be a man. Wondering if he wants to go to college, where he fears the cold.

Walking his dog, alone, he wonders if the girl he loves (not his girlfriend, of course) loves him, wonders what love is. Wonders if his dog feels love, wandering aimlessly down the street. Wonders if he's going to waste the next day typing nodes, or waste the next day studying for mid-terms. Wondering if there is any way to spend his time that isn't wasted. Trying to remember his first kiss, wandering aimlessly through frozen corridors of his memory, wondering if any of it matters. Cold now, he yanks the dog gently, says goodnight to God, and walks inside his frozen burning house.

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