Yesterday could mean memories. Today could mean moments. Tomorrow could mean changes. But really, what do these words mean? Is it enough to say that they're just simply a span of time?

Those words could mean anything or everything. But if for other people they only mean time, for me they already mean life.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are just some of the necessary words that we living people have to face. Those three words are some of the essential words that we human beings have to live with. But it seems like most of us are sometimes afraid of facing them. Why is this so?

I said 'us' because there are instances that I, myself, am scared of knowing what might or could happen when those days come in my life. I guess that it is the major reason of all the people who encounter such fear.

But now, I've come to realize that there's nothing to be afraid of. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow is naturally a part of our existence here in this world. And since there is existence, we can say that yesterday, today and tomorrow is just a dramatic way to define life.

These words will keep on running just as the world will keep on turning. They may be our enemy at the current state. But yesterday, today and tomorrow has so many wonderful things to lend us. Some of those things can be good, and some can be not so good. Sometimes, we just have to be courageous enough to cross the path of everyday wonders. Don't you think that it's fun to unfold them?

Imagine, yesterday, today and tomorrow can be our nonvisual teachers. Unbeknownst to us, they become a mark in our minds and our hearts and eventually become a lesson for us. They can simply make us nod, or make us think, or deeply, make us understand. But when these marks have stayed long enough within us, it will decide to fly away... Maybe, too far away from us.

Though it's hard to admit, the marks that have stayed within us for so long are so hard to let go. It's because the wonderful feeling that it brought inside us gave us so much contentment. And we people know that contentment is one of the things that we just couldn't release that easily.

If we will only try to look beyond what we thought we have already seen, we'll come to realize that the marks have already made memories in our yesterday, moments in our today, and changes in our tomorrow. And if that happens, that's the time where we could finally say goodbye yesterday, hello today, and see you tomorrow.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow have so many privileges to give us. If we will only be strong and brave enough, we'll understand how important those days are in our lives.

So enjoy living life everyone! Never fail to face those three important days! Who knows, you might get the most colorful life that everybody dreams of!

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