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I had lunch with Jane today. Sushi. She seems to be doing okay, not better, but not worse, and that's something. David looked really tired. It's got to be hard on him, watching his sister day in and day out. He still won't listen when I mention the Abode. It bothers me a little that he thinks it would be such a horrible thing for her, but I can't say I meet many relatives who love their family member enough to sacrifice so much. Sometimes you'll get someone who cares enough to visit Easter and Christmas, but usually they come in, dump off the poor sod's belongings and take off, thinking that auntie's memory is shot anyway, so what does it matter if she never sees her nephew again...

I shouldn't judge.

Jane can still order sushi fine, and she's eating well. Barbara thinks I get too involved with my patients, but for Christ's sake, we were in college together. Jane's not an ordinary case.

Fictional characters are so much a part of my life I forget I live in the real world. At the bank friends of mine are talking about the NCAA tournaments while I'm thinking about what my characters are doing. Nick asks me how I am. Following the conversational flow I mention that my brother is heading west to follow Marquette and the Badgers. Kyle from the sports store starts talking about players, ranking and scoring as we walk down the hall. A new computer sits at an unattended kiosk. If I worked there I would have a way to record the voices in my head.

Back at work my characters keep me company as I work on the schedule. My friend Nick is waiting for me up front before I'm finished. He’s standing next to Kyle who is going to see Marquette play. Roundtrip airfare is currently $120 plus tax online. The schedule for the upcoming week is sitting off to my right. Both Kyle and Nick are standing in front of me now. I’m looking at Kyle but Nick’s voice is the one I hear. “You know Jess, if you can get off you can come with us. You’re in charge of the schedule. Aren’t you?”

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