Every day I wake up and I brush my teeth and put on my nicest clothes and my happiest smile and run downstairs to look in my People Box. My People Box is where everyone I know and love lives. I kneel down on the floor and peer inside and wave to my friends: Look! There's Mommy hugging Daddy! And Look! There's Bobby and Susie playing in the snow! Sometimes when I feel well enough, I even get in the box with them and play, but this tires me out quite a bit. It's much easier for me to stay outside and watch. Sometimes, late at night, Mommy will talk to me and tell me she loves me and wishes I would live in the box with everyone else. But I don't hear what she says - it all sounds like gibberish or Pig Latin to me. So I put the lid back on my People Box and run upstairs to bed. I have to get some sleep now. It's going to be another long day tomorrow!

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