Pig Latin Encoder:
perl -lpe 's/([^\Waeiou]*)(\w+)/$2.($1||"w")."ay"/ge'
(pipe it standard input)
Sample input:
where is the trash?
erewhay isway ethay ashtray?
Just as we have websites trying to show how loops work in different programming languages ('99 bottles of beer on the wall'), or how output is generated ('hello world'), or even how data is stored in different formats ('we're not afraid'), some 101 Programming courses get students to practice data manipulation steps by creating Pig Latin compilers or scripts.

My contribution would be to output Pig Latin in ANSI-compliant SQL through the SELECT statement:

FROM table_name
Where field_name contains the words you want translated, which are stored in the table called table_name. Note I just pick out the first letter, not the first phoneme

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