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"ob-language" is a made-up language more difficult than pig latin, easier than esperanto more pronounceable than rot-13, and less well known than any of them. Consequently, once learned, it can actually be used for secret communications right in front of the people you're keeping the secret from. (Provided you can find anyone that 1) speaks "ob-language" and 2) you wish to share the secret with whilst in the presence of those you wish to keep the secret from). Or it can come in handy if you feel the need to curse at an inopportune moment: ("Mobothober fobuckobing cobompyobutober!!!!!")

The way it works is this. Before every vowel sound, insert the syllable "ob". So for example, to say, "I have a secret", you would say "ObI hobave oba sobecrobet." With a little practice, it becomes easy, and you can even understand it. One dialect has silent e's pronounced as long e's (preceded by "ob" of course.) In that case it would be "obI hobavobee oba sobecrobet."

And you can extend it. You can speak in the sexy "ex-language": "exI hexave exa sexecrexet."

Or the very annoying "ack" language:

"ackI hackave acka sackecracket." If the RSA guys had first coded their message in ob meybe they'd still have their US$10k. :) No, probably not.

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