Things were changing. You could say that John had found something to live for.

A girl. But not just any girl; His girl. He had proposed last night. She said yes. That morning John had taken the gun out, loaded his lucky bullet, spun the cylinder and pulled the trigger like always but this morning, he hesitated. She said yes. He had a future to look forward to. And one he wasn't so sure he wanted to risk on a daily basis. If God wanted him dead he could kill John himself.

John put the gun down, laughing at himself for having done this every morning for so long. It was a miracle that he had survived this long. But... he just had to know for sure.

So he picked up the gun, spun the cylinder, pulled the trigger and heard the gun go *click*.

John stopped holding his breath.


The end.

A thank you to misterfuffie for his help.

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