Emery Carl's preferred coffee-based beverage.

A hazy kiss in a dark van is a shot of espresso added to a large cup of drip coffee, to which hazelnut, chocolate, and vanilla have been added. This particular blend started as a fairly normal high-caffeine beverage, but went through a sequence of changes in its genesis:

A shot in the dark
The standard extra-caffeine coffee beverage. This is just a shot of espresso in drip coffee.
A kiss in the dark]
Adding chocolate to a shot in the dark.
A hazy kiss in the dark
Adding hazelnut flavoring to a kiss in the dark.
A hazy kiss in a dark van
Adding vanilla flavoring to a hazy kiss in the dark.

It is merely than a stimulant with extra flavoring, but it's got a reasonably valid reason for being named like something that might happen on a middle-school date when your parents aren't looking, so that's got to count for something.

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