In a lush thicket beyond the river blue,
in the stunning sanctuary where my heart first felt you.
By the waters of a flowing river,
the river of streaming life,
I once took a rest

This rest so peaceful,
where I dreamt of a man.
A companion made of the softest hair and the purest skin.
With a smile like a child and the laughter of pure joy.
He held love of the sweetest taste.
This rest so peaceful in the forest so calm.

By the waters I slept content.
When the trees began to cast the moon's dark shadows,
they envied the love I had seen.
to vanquish me was their goal.
Though, through the forest a light was seen.
The trees and darkness of the dense wood were overhelmed
The light of my eyes had seen love.
I was alive for the first time.
I was not to fall to the darkest forest

My dream ended in a shock,
for I had been awaken by the clatter of the dark forest.
It succeeded in ending my dream.
Never was I to dream of the boy that had opened my heart.
Confused and Confined in the green forest,
I pondered how meaningless life is alone.
Life without love is empty.

As I pondered and came to my belief
that my fate was to live without love,
you came to me.
My dream's image of male serenity.
The love of my life.
In my dreams and in my life you walked up to me so unfraid.
Your radiant heart beat to the rhythm of mine.
Our melted bodies fell to the ground
into a lifeless collection of matter.
and all was gone.

And as I awake again,
as sleeping eternal beast always reawaken from peaceful dreams,

make me the only person in the forest with the light to survive.
The worlds darkness is gone with you by my side.
Light transcended me and makes me whole
As I walk with you, I still feel the forest and river blue.
and in your eyes I see that our love is pure.

Happy Valentines Day
I Love You

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