A funny sight indeed, sometimes sad. This is the term I used in reference to a plant which has lost all of its leaves, and is therefore bare to the stem or trunk, whichever it might be.

A naked plant may result from damage to the root system, or poor drainage and thus leaf rot. It may also occur in some varieties of ficus, or other fickle plant life, when their environment is altered. There are some varities that might drop all of their leaves after being moved only a few feet, it's insanity!

Poor little naked plants that are only bare due to neglect are a very sorry sight and sometimes bring tears to my eyes. I often purchase dying plants in a supermarket and love them back to life.. like my small palm'y that was on its way to plant heaven when I purchased it. If you're not going to take care of the little darlings, don't keep them in your store, yeesh. It's not as if they can get up and walk from your imbecilic establishment when they need water and nourishment.

I'm passionate about my plant life. Any way, naked plants should be avoided, if at all possible. Take care of the little things. :)

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