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"Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, its not the end."
"That's a load of bullshit and you know it. Nothing is ever okay. Things always end in an unresolved blah of nothingness. People make up happy endings for themselves so they can go on living disillusioned to the truth. If people realized things weren't alright they would probably go insane and/or kill themselves."
"What are you talking about? I mean-"
"You know what I'm talking about! The world!
Christ, sometimes you can be so naive. Do you have any idea how many people hate me and will probably never forgive me? Look at all the boys I've ever dated or seen or even some of the ones that have just liked me. Yeah. And how many hated me after things ended? That's right, all of them."

"I thought you were on good terms with Norm and Devon again, and Doug eventually came around even though he still claims he never liked you."
"Perhaps. But do you know how long that took? Three years for Norm, and that was without seeing him during all that time."
"Well, you did move to Wisconsin, ya know. It's kinda hard to see people who live thousands of miles away..."
"And Devon? A whole year! And quite frankly things could snap at any moment. I'm extraordinarily glad to have his trust back, but I know I have to be carfeul."
"Well Doug broke up with his girlfriend because, and I quote, ‘Chrissy and I are practically together.' when I hardly even knew him. I had just moved to town, he lived down the street from me, I talked to him occasionally."
"That was back when you were friends with Meredith wasn't it?"
"Yea. She's another of the irreconcilables; although I can't honestly say I mind that too much. Blonde conniving little brat. She dicked over a lot of really great guys."
"Both figuratively and literally."
"Ugh. Don't remind me. Besides, she's living happily in Omaha now with her newly pierced tongue and newly pierced boyfriend."
"Ooh, am I sensing some hostility here? Perhaps even some jealousy?"
"If only things were that simple. She is still one of the only people I cannot forgive, and she didn't really even do much to me. It was my friends she hurt. God, I've even forgiven Brandon before her."
"Brandon? I thought you hated him."
"Well, not really. Sure we don't get along, but-"
"Don't get along? I feel like I need full body armor whenever you two are in a room together."
"So there is a little mudslinging going on. It doesn't really bother me that he despises me. He is nothing more than an insecure whelp concerned with memorizing trivial facts to awe his classmates into thinking he is some intellectual god. Its all a pretentious facade."

She took a moment to stir her coffee and glanced towards the door. A young couple was on their way out, holding hands and whispering to each other.
"It won't last," she said, indicating the couple.
"And how do you know that?"
"Well nothing ever does. We go through our miserable lives clinging to idealistic morals, thinking that because we are ‘good' people nothing truly awful will happen to us. That is why people follow rules, afraid that if they don't they will miss out on their crumb of the heavenly pie. They need meaningfulness to sustain themselves. Then if something truly awful happens to them they can justify it with some hopeful outlook, and everything is just peachy. If they could accept reality instead of diluting it with BS, they would realize that things just happen. There is no rhyme and reason to it."
"So you are saying that instead of ‘diluting' our thoughts we should just go crazy with reality? You know, you are still very immature in your thinking and reasoning. What exactly are you saying?"
"I don't know what I'm saying. Most of the time I'm just talking out my ass. I should head out anyway, its getting late."

She stood up and brushed herself off, looking at the empty chair across from her. The waitress gave her a weird look as she walked down the narrow aisle of the coffee house and headed to her car.

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