Not only is your shirt unnaturally soft
it holds covert powers.
tucked under my pillow,
I know it is there
lying in wait

Should I be foolish enough to roll over,
reckless enough to hold it to my face,

"Look mom no hands" careless

I would fall over the edge.
Into the memory of you -
as if you were here.

Closing my eyes and inhaling
your echo

For chras4

It sounds stupid but my favorite thing about her was the way she smelled.

It was really no big deal, in fact it was just her silly shampoo, but I am serious here.

After she left, I wanted to buy that shampoo; I didn't care how expensive it was or how useless it would be on my oily mop top. I just wanted to be able to smell it when I needed to smell it. When I was sad. Or happy. Or just needed a good laugh. I never got around to finding a good enough excuse to let myself buy it.

Her scent was like a silent celebration of her. It sounds down right dumb, but that is what it is for me. Everytime I smell it a thousand memories come flooding back. Some are excellent, some are horrible, some are insignificant but nonetheless poignant. She doesn't know it, but I kept years' worth. I would have been more than content to have had the opportunity to collect more than that.

Sometimes I still smell that scent on strangers and it makes me want to get to know them.

I also liked her smile and her brown eyes but those are stories for another time.

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